Build Your Team And Scale Your Practice with Growing Gayle
Gayle is excited about running her own practice.  And she’s now ready to build it bigger!  She already has a small staff, but wants more. 
She wants more clients and more revenue, but is scared.
She thinks she would be a good leader, but isn’t sure.
But that was before - The Kninja Growing Gayle Course.

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Growing Gayle program
​​​​​​​is all about.
Is the Growing Gayle Course Right for You?
Maybe you aren't a Gayle but a Gordon?  It doesn't matter.  Male or female, this course will help you grow your practice.
You are good at what you do and you have built a small practice. But you want to scale and grow it bigger. We can help you.
You know having a great team is critical to your success. But, where do you find them? And when you do, how do you train them and get them up to speed? We can show you how.
You need more clients. Better clients. But, how do you know where to find them and how do you know they will be a good fit to help you grow? This program will show you the way.
Growing Gayle
Growing Gayle is the perfect course for you if you are ready to grow your firm.

We've been there.  We remember how scary it can be. We designed this program to give you the tools to get you on your way faster, without making all of the mistakes that we did.​​​​​​​
Some things you'll learn in the "Growing Gayle" Kninja Course
Create Scalable Processes
Learn how to build scalable workflows that don't fall apart as you begin to grow. Build "rock solid" processes that allow you to still deliver consistent high quality services as you add more clients.
Setting Your Pricing For Profit
Learn how to price your services for maximum profitability while still delivering high value to your clients. Learn the 5 key profit points you must always measure.
How to Select the Right Client
It's not enough anymore to just find clients.  The key is to find the RIGHT clients in the right niche.  We will help you identify WHO they are.
Finding More Good Clients
Once you've identified the clients you want in the niche you love,  we will help you to find more of those clients.  Sales, Marketing and how to close that sale.
Finding and Building Your Team
You can only grow when you have the right team to help you. Where do you find them? How do you onboard them quickly and effectively?  Our proven system will show you how.
Why start from scratch?
Templates and resources to help you hit the ground running.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Take our templates so that you have a starting point already.
Even MORE important, we will show YOU how to create and implement
the best ​​​​​​​ Kninja KickA** plan 
Some Feedback from our Awesome Students
Hear from some people who have already gone through the course
"I had reached a certain size for my firm but struggled to get to the next level. The tools provided by the Growing Gayle Kninja program helped me finally push through to the next level."
Sophie T.
"The Growing Gayle program helped me so much! I needed help with my sales and marketing and this course walked me through step by step and showed me what I needed to focus on. "​​​​​​
Lisa G.
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Growing Gayle Program
What makes Kninja Programs different from the rest?
We may be biased but we believe that there is nothing else on the market like our Kninja Courses.  Why?  Because we've been there.  We've been where you are and felt the same pain and feelings of fear as you are starting out.  And we want to help you.  That's why we started Kninja, to give back to our community and the industry. 
​​​​​​​In 2017 we were awarded the Intuit Global Firm of the Future title.  If you had asked us when we started if that was possible, we probably would have laughed out loud.  Back then, all we wanted to do was get a client, put food on the table and maybe, if we were lucky, find some clients we liked to work with.  
That's why we can unequivocally say that there is nothing else like this on the market today to help you get your business started. 
What will I Learn in Growing Gayle?
Your Starting Point.
The first step is to help you determine where you are now.....this is the assessment phase. 

You probably are asking why you need this....we know....so did we!  But it's important, and here's why.

This phase  will also give you your current starting point and get you thinking about your end goal.  The end goal is so important, so that you can measure your progress as you go through the course and move your business in the direction you want.
Dream, Plan, Act, Achieve.
Step number 2 is creating a plan.  Let's take that end goal from the first step and determine the best way to get you there.  We help you set your goals, then create the strategies and tactics to achieve those goals.  We also teach the difference between dreams and goals - and to make sure all of your goals are SMART goals.  By the end of  this module you will have a created a step by step plan mapped out to get you where you want to go.

And if you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?
Pricing for Profit. 
Pricing is a critical component of how well you live.  Sometimes the toughest part of running your own practice.  One of the most difficult steps is charging what you are worth.

We will share with you an easy to use tool outlining the 5 key areas that influence the profitability of your business.

​​​​​​​Most often being more profitable is not about finding more clients it is about charging the value you provide to your clients and making more profit per client. We will show you how.
Growing In Your Niche
Working with clients is not the answer. Working with the right clients in the right niche is.  But how?  And who?  That's what's covered in Module 4.  Not every client is a good client. Not every client is the right client for you.

We help in determining who is the right client for you? How do you find them?

And we will share the signs to watch out for that help you learn that this is the wrong client for you.
Building Your Team
Are you having trouble finding "all star" team members? Are you spending way too much time interviewing and reading resumes?  We have a proven process that saves you time and makes you love the hiring process.

Once you have hired the new team member you need to onboard them quickly and efficiently to get them up to speed. We can show you how.
Not sure yet?  Well, we've only shared content in 5 Modules and there are 22 in total!  What more could there possibly be?
More Feedback from our Amazing Students
Hear from some people who have already gone through the course
"I was hesitant to join when I read about all that goal setting stuff, but WOW!  I can't believe how much I got out of just the first two modules. Looking forward to what else I'm going to learn!"
"Thank you for the Growing Gayle program. Not only are we growing our top line, but we are increasing our profitability and having more fun along the way. Love what you guys are doing!"​​​​​​​
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Wait.....  there's more.......
Proposals That Work
OK. You have nailed your pricing, your service offerings and found a great new potential client. Now what?

How do you present your services in a professional, easy to understand way that will help to prevent that major "pain in the a#*" - scope creep?

In this module we will show you how to create powerful proposals that help guide your new lead to becoming a new client without negotiating your pricing.​​​​
Growing Your Firm
We know that great sales and marketing does not usually go hand in hand with being a great bookkeeper. But if you want to grow you must have a great marketing and sales program.

You must be found on social media, and get regular inquiries from your professional website.

In this module we will guide you through the critical features that can make your website standout, show you how to setup a professional profile on LinkedIn and build an effective referral network.
Delivering Quality Service
How do you make sure all the work is getting done? How do you know that nothing is falling through the cracks? Even when you are feeling overloaded with work.

Once you get the client signed up it is time to deliver. And, what the client wants is "hassle free" consistent service.

In this module we will share the tools and the steps you need to make so you always deliver the best service possible to all of your clients.
Measure The Right Metrics
You cannot manage what you do not measure. But how do you know what you should be measuring?

We will show you the critical drivers that you need to be measuring to keep moving your business forward. How to view your time and what that should mean to your pricing.

You will learn the metrics to put in place to measure your team and business performance. 
Are you still not sure yet? 
​​​​​​​Well, we've now only share content in 9 of the Modules,  and there are 22 Modules in Total!!  And don't forget, if you are not completely satisfied we offer a
​​​​​​​90 day "no hassle" money back guarantee.
What do you have to lose?
Why Would You Listen to Us?
Right about now you might be wondering who the heck are these people and why should I listen to them?
We have a combined 50 plus years of small business experience with almost 25 years in the Accounting industry. We've also been very fortunate to be recognized in our industry over the last few years.  We were selected:
  • Intuit's Global Firm of the Future
  • HubDoc Top 50 Cloud Accountants
  • IPBC Bookkeeping Firm of the Year in Canada
  • Top 10 Influencers in Canadian Bookkeeping 

We started with just one person. Today, we are a team of 15 and continuing to grow. We still learn, sometimes fail, but always get up and move forward. We always remember what it was like as we began to scale and want to help you through that journey.
Meet The Co-Founders Of Kninja
The founder of AIS Solutions, a cloud bookkeeping and QuickBooks training firm, where Kninja got it's beginning.  Her personal mission is to Educate and Empower.  Juliet has been awarded the Top 50 Women in Accounting Globally and named as a Top Ten Influencer in Canada for our Industry.  As well as being a mentor in the Intuit Mentoring Program, Juliet also created a Cloud Accounting Course for the college system which launched in September 2018.
Partner, and VP of Business Development, at AIS Solutions and an entrepreneur and small business owner for over 30 years.  Steve is a regular presenter on the Conference speaking circuit, as well as being named a Top Ten Influencer in Canada for our Industry.  He is a regular host on the Intuit Business Builder Webinars, and along with Juliet mentored Bookkeepers with the Kninja Mentoring Program.
This "Growing Gayle" Program Will Fundamentally Help to Scale and Grow Your Practice.
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